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So we bloggers all do things a bit differently around here, but I for one enjoy seeing some of the reception details while we’re still “on location” in the story. So before we close out the rest of the night, let’s take a look at some of the lovely details milf porn that made up our reception. There’s lots to see and talk about today, but if you haven’t eaten lunch yet today, don’t worry—you won’t find any pictures of food here! We didn’t request any shots of food, so just trust me that there Continue reading

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Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet I am a hobbyist illustrator

Greetings from the Snapdragon Sweat Shop! Many moons ago, I stated that the only DIY coming out of my house would be invitations. Well, turns out that invitations are more than enough to thoroughly overwhelm my to-do list. I know many of you share my pain.

From the get-go, Bossyboots and I had wanted a folk art, black porn painted style to our invitations. We loved the look of gouache, as beautifully showcased by Anna Bond over at Rifle Paper. We briefly investigated going the Rifle route, but i Continue reading

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