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So we bloggers all do things a bit differently around here, but I for one enjoy seeing some of the reception details while we’re still “on location” in the story. So before we close out the rest of the night, let’s take a look at some of the lovely details that made up our reception. There’s lots to see and talk about today, but if you haven’t eaten lunch yet today, don’t worry—you won’t find any pictures of food here! We didn’t request any shots of food, so just trust me that there was food and drink present as well.

I’d like to start off with some of the gorgeous features that caused us to fall in love with the Board of Trade in the first place.

These Corinthian columns and archways were in the process of being renovated when we booked the venue. / Unless otherwise noted, photos by Eau Claire Photographics

I think I’ve expressed my love of the courtyard enough, but seriously—look at that fountain!

The Board of Trade’s symbol on the giant, oak entrance doors.

You’ve probably caught a glimpse of the lighted dome in some of the pictures. The mural depicts various commerce industries present in Louisiana—very appropriate scenes when this was the local commodity trading floor. The black panels on the walls are actually chalkboards, used during the trading times as well.

And besides those lovely details, the venue is relatively a blank slate. We didn’t want to overpower the beauty that we had on our hands, but we did want to make things a bit more glamorous, colorful, and personalized.  That’s where the lights and flowers come in.

Let’s step back outside again…

We provided the globe lights, chandeliers,Louis Vuitton Outlet Online for Cheap & Louis Vuitton Bags, glassware, and candles to the rentals vendor, and they set everything up. Want to know one of my few wedding regrets? See against the wall where guests are coming in…those tiny lights back there? I’d seen some really cool displays done at the entrance of the venue, and I knew I wanted something in that area. I decided on these glass orbs after seeing it online from another wedding—I just don’t think they had much of an impact and this is the only picture you can see them in. Definitely could have saved a few bucks there.

And here’s the courtyard in the opposite direction. I love how it turned out, and was so happy the rain let up so guests could spend some time out there. I know we provided little lanterns for those tables, but I’m just now noticing those aren’t on the tables…oh well, if it hasn’t bothered me this long, I think I’ll live.

And of course you’ve heard a ton about these chandeliers—we had four, one in each corner of the courtyard. It was my one ridiculous “must have,” and I’m pretty proud we made it happen.

The BoT had this pretty marble table that we set up at the entrance to hold our card box lantern and guestbook picture. There was a matching “L” initial at the other end of the table, along with a dish for Sharpies and ink pads.

Our customized print, complete with our guests’ fingerprints. It’s pretty self-explanatory, but I wrote a post on it if you want more info. My top lessons from this—print it out with plenty of space in the margins so you have enough space to tape your print to the back of the board, and don’t use chalk ink! And maybe don’t wait till like the week of the wedding to be dealing with it. But that’s personal preference, of course.

A few steps and some giant oak doors led up into the ballroom, and the stairs were lined with lanterns and candles provided by the venue. When we were about to make our entrance, I noticed them and said, “Hey, those aren’t mine! Cool!”

Inside, the dance floor and band were off to the left, and the tables, food, and bar were to the right. I worked with Claire of Blumen Lendle floral to come up with four separate centerpieces. I provided various extra decor items, but besides that, these centerpieces were all Claire.

Oh, and the venue came with gold Chiavari chairs too. Sphinx correctly identified a Chiavari chair on TV  the other day. I don’t know if I should be proud of him or disappointed in myself for making him know that. / Photo by Momma P from earlier in the day when we did formals in the courtyard, thus the emptiness

You can see we had a mix of gold, purple, sheer teal, and sheer ivory table cloths. The tall cocktail tables in the background were around the dance floor and had purple tablecloths tied with a gold sash.

We had three of these large “cloud” centerpieces put on the largest tables, and I feel like the photos can’t even do them justice. They were full and colorful, and really made an impact in a ballroom with such a tall ceiling, which was exactly the intention.

Some tables had these full flower rings, with a vase in the center and a floating candle.

A trio of glass vases with submerged orchids and callas were on other tables. / Photo by Momma P

I don’t have a closeup of the last small centerpiece, but it was the low, small cluster of flowers on mercury glass stands (you can see them in the background of some of these pictures). The idea of these three smaller arrangements was to keep it (relatively) low cost, since those tall centerpieces were already doing a lot for our space. I’ve seen those big ones on every table in our venue, and I find it to be overkill.  But in a few key areas,Authentic Louis Vuitton, they sure are pretty and earned tons of compliments.

Here you can see some of the candle holders we provided—just to have a little something extra to fill space on those 60″ tables, you know? I was also really excited to incorporate the gold fleur de lis into our tablecloths—it ties in with the invites. I’m sure everyone caught right onto that.

A guest shot from early in the reception: you can see the centerpieces, but also the purple uplighting. The professional pics were lit up with a background flash (to see our faces and all that important stuff), but the room was actually a bit darker and the walls had a purple glow.

The sweetheart table (that we never sat at) was small, so we kept the decorations very minimal. I bought this wooden sign ages ago, and used it as decoration in the house until wedding time. The “reserved” signs were on the family tables (because cocktail reception, because NOLA). Those scrolly frames matched some others around the venue.

I recycled the props from our engagement pictures to turn into chair signs at the sweetheart table.

Our family photo table is another project I wish hadn’t been pushed till last minute, but I’m glad we made the effort. Sphinx’s family is on the left, my family is on the right. We ended up with photos of parents, grandparents, and even a few great-grandparents in there!

The branchy/floraly centerpiece here was made by my aunt V, who continues to amaze everyone with her talent. The confetti curls and wine corks were leftovers from some other places (like those missing lanterns…), and thus ended up on this table and the entrance table. It tied everything together, although that definitely wasn’t planned.

And I know you’ve seen some of the cake already, but I really felt like I couldn’t round out my details post with out it.

Bridal cake, surrounded by bridesmaids and bridal bouquets. I bought the rose gold sequin tablecloth from Etsy, and the stand was provided by the bakery.

Cake topper, monogram, lace detail to match my dress and veil, and cake pull pearl bracelets.

Our cake serving set and champagne flutes were gifts from Momma P, both Kate Spade and found on clearance on separate shopping trips. They aren’t the same design, but I love them both!

Of course, you remember Sphinx’s Roman Coliseum groom’s cake. Sorry, I promised no food and here there are chocolate-covered strawberries. Shame on me!

This isn’t technically a reception detail, but I definitely wanted to include it because the idea was new to me.  The florist Claire mentioned that she would put together a bouquet from some of the extra flowers, so that we could leave the vase outside of Maw Maw’s tomb.  Which was pretty much the most sweetest thing ever, to bring a bit of the wedding to her and having those in place on the wedding weekend.

Personal photo with an awkward crop to protect Maw Maw’s info

As you can see, our reception was a good mix of BIY (buy it yourself) and creativity from our vendors. I had a written plan for the tables, the linens,Cheap Louis Vuitton, centerpieces, lights, candles, and pretty much everything else. Some of it was specific (like the scrolled candle holders that I wanted on the windowsill behind the cake), but some of it was more like, “There are two dozen purple votives—scatter wherever else we need them.”  When I look at individual pictures, I might notice something off*, but overall my vision was executed and all the little details worked together to create a beautiful space for our wedding reception.

I love flowers so much, can you tell? If I could have one of these on my kitchen table all the time, I’d be a happy gal.

*Like seriously, there were 10 lanterns with candles and corks, where did they go? Maybe on the outside bar? Yeah, let’s say they were on the outside bar.

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Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet I am a hobbyist illustrator

Greetings from the Snapdragon Sweat Shop! Many moons ago, I stated that the only DIY coming out of my house would be invitations. Well, turns out that invitations are more than enough to thoroughly overwhelm my to-do list. I know many of you share my pain.

From the get-go, Bossyboots and I had wanted a folk art, painted style to our invitations. We loved the look of gouache, as beautifully showcased by Anna Bond over at Rifle Paper. We briefly investigated going the Rifle route, but in the end, I decided I want to paint our invitations myself for a few reasons:

To save money – I am a hobbyist illustrator, and after careful consideration, I really felt I could do this myself at a high level of quality for a fraction of the cost it would require to hire someone. I always advise people to hire a pro, but in this case, I really felt I could do this myself. To invest a lotta love – For reasons that are hard for me to articulate,
Cheap Louis Vuitton Outlet, I really wanted to go through this process with Bossyboots. Art is an exceedingly cathartic thing for me, and for me, the invitations are a big part of the feel of our wedding. I really wanted them to come straight from our hearts – so to that end, doing them myself made sense. I am a masochist with a side of mania – You might have seen a national PSA many years ago about people with mania problems. The PSA showed a woman who had a moment of inspiration and then spent all night painting her living room in a crazed artistic spree. They based that woman off of my life, I’m sure of it! (sigh)

After 100,000 hours of painting, many cups of tea (and Shiner, let’s be honest), and more than one moment of utter defeat, I finally sent my invitation files off to a professional printer. After all the hard work I put into creating these invites,2015 Louis Vuitton Bags, there was no way in hell I was going to fight with my at-home Dell printer, to boot. I am a tough cookie, but that would have just been too much!

We’ll be mailing our invitations this week, and I’ll post a full run-down once they’re on their way—until then, here’s a sneak peek!

After learning firsthand how much work goes into something like this, I have to tell you… I have a brand new respect for professional invitation designers. For those niche custom painted invitation designers… I hold a respect that borders on hero worship, because this project was no joke. Whatever they charge, it’s a steal, because the only way I’d create something like this for anybody else is if I was getting paid $5,000. I had a great time with this project,2015 Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags, but… so much work!

So, full report soon, but until then, hug your invitation designer. They’ve been working hard, and they deserve a big pat on the back!

Tags: dallasdiyinvitationsstationery BLOGGER Mrs. Snapdragon Location: Chicago/Dallas Occupation: Associate Producer Wedding Date: March 2012 Venue: Marie Gabrielle –> PREVIOUS POSTHoneymoon in My Hometown: New York, New York NEXT POSTIntroducing Miss Coyote! Related Posts Hand Lettering Class09/12/14 @ 8:47 am You’re Invited02/26/15 @ 12:40 pm Walrus Invites: Part 1, Friendors Come in Handy 02/25/15 @ 4:55 pm Designing Crabby Save the Dates11/11/14 @ 2:25 pm 相关的主题文章:

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Cheap Louis Vuitton Bag headlamp

Yamaha is the most popular company known for producing clasic bikes. This time the company is manufacturing 250 cc bikes in India. The market already has lots of 250 cc bikes launched by the company Honda. Thus this bike from Yamaha will give the tough competition to the other bikes. This is the masterpiece made by Yamaha which comes with amazing looks and stunning performance. If you will have a look at the bike you will get to know that this is and the serious competitors. The other different bikes prices in India are relatively low as compared to the features they pose. The other Yamaha bikes price depends on the features and performance they offer.

Although the design of this Yamaha model is very appealing, it is observed that the Yamaha has got this looks from its sibling YZF R6. Few of the features included in the vehicle are tanking, rear view mirror, headlamp,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bag, under fenders, rear fender and tough looks which increases its demand in the Indian bike market. The handle of this Yamaha model is less sporty which makes the rider to bend while riding. The brakes are dual and are applied to the front tires.

Usually the Yamaha bikes are known for powerful engines and are made perfect for the Indian streets. The average mileage of this 250 cc bike is declared to be 30 to 35 kmpl and the highest speed given by the bike is 145 kmph. The engine of the bike is air cooled and has 4 stroke engines. Also, it possesses a V-twin and is fused with OHV valves every cylinder. The compression ratio can be 8:4:1 and the stroke and bore are measured at 97.0 x 113.0mm. This bike is great for the young people who are crazy for speed and the looks.

The Yamaha Company has stated that this bike will generate approximately 32 bhp of the power and the torque could be 100.3 Nm at 2,750 rpm. The bike comes with an electric start and has 5 speed gears to provide tremendous speed and decreased consumption of fuel. The machine of the bike is made of number of disc clutches and also it has the T.C.I. ignition system.

The bike has got not only the excellent features but also it takes care of the safety features and has rear suspension called as a Swing arm and the rear wheel provided is of 117 mm to offer safety and balance. The bike will come with the aluminum frame with CF die cast having double cradle.

Yamaha has not revealed the specification of the bike but the Yamaha YZF 250 R4 price in India is around 2, 50,Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Bags,000.

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Louis Vuitton Handbags we stopped by My Suit to pick up Mr. S’s gray two-tone tux jacket. A while back

Last Friday, we stopped by My Suit to pick up Mr. S’s gray two-tone tux jacket. A while back, I described Mr. S’s custom tux process—the meticulous measurements, endless options for finishings,Louis Vuitton Handbags, and his large boo-TAY. At the time, we bought Mr. S’s black tux pants and matching black jacket for a black tie wedding we attended. However, for our wedding, Mr. S wanted something a bit different—a dark gray jacket with black lapels.

Two weeks ago, we went through the whole process again for the tux jacket. We met with Andre who re-measured Mr. S’s top half and showed us the different gray fabrics we could choose from. Once we settled on a gray silk wool blend, Mr. S selected the peak lapel shape (a more “aggressive” look according to Andre), silver paisley lining with plum piping, and the font for his monogram on the inside pocket.

The final result:

Mr. S and Andre at My Suit (on Madison Avenue and 45th Street). My iPhone doesn’t properly capture the contrast between the gray and black in Mr. S’s tux,Authentic Louis Vuitton Outlet.

At first, Mr. S was on the fence about the peak lapel. Maybe it was too aggressive, maybe he should have gone with the notch lapel instead he thought. I’m pretty daring when it comes to my fashion trends. Rompers, harem pants, wedge sneakers—none of it intimidates me no matter how odd the trend might seem at first. Friends will comment, “It looks good, but I could never pull that off,” and I always tell them, “Of course you can. It’s all about the attitude. You just need to be confident in what you’re wearing and others will see you the same way.” I gave Mr. S the same pep talk—the two tone tux style is a bit off the beaten path to begin with, and yes the peak lapel adds more flair to it, but that’s what he wanted. The fit is perfect on him (except for the scrunching at the sleeves—we need to ask Andre about that), and (I think) it looks so sharp and put together. It’s definitely “a look” and Mr. S just had to own it.

When we got home, Mr. S put on the tux again so we could take a better look and address some of his concerns. I suggested he swap out the super skinny tie that he had on at the My Suit store for one of the wider (yet still slim) ties that we bought for his groomsmen. The skinnier tie he originally had on emphasized the wideness of the peak lapel, which I think was what was eating at Mr. S. The balance of the wider tie with the wider peak lapel made a huge difference to our eyes, and Mr. S was instantly happier with his look. Problem solved!

We put Chunk’s wedding attire on as well so that they boys could have a joint fashion show,Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags.

Mr. S in the buttoned jacket look. Chunk looking on wondering why his bow tie won’t stay in place.

Mr. S in the unbuttoned jacket look. Chunk walking off the set because he’s upset that the bow tie makes him look like a girl.

Mr. S showing off the silver paisley lining and the memorial locket pin in honor of his mom. Chunk refused to pose for this picture because he claimed the working conditions were unacceptable.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why there are balloons strewn all over our apartment, they were for my birthday the day before. I have a weird thing for balloons and Mr. S did some decorating (to the apartment and to the dog) to surprise me when I got home from work that day. I loved it.


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Authentic Louis Vuitton Outlet Features BLOGGER Weddingbee Gallery –> PREVIOUS POSTWhat I’ve Been Working on…A Sneak Peek NEXT POSTCrunch Time Related Posts Gallery of the Day

JamieCarroll shares a picture of her & her husband’s wedding rings.

Keep on loading your inspirational wedding pics to the Weddingbee Gallery to see them featured here on the blog! Remember, your images must be under 1MB in size,Authentic Louis Vuitton Outlet, or they won’t load.

If your photo is featured as the Gallery of the Day, you’re eligible for a special Weddingbee badge for your blog or website! Check out instructions on how to grab the badge here!

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Louis Vuitton for sale, 201412/22/14 @ 7:12 am Gallery of the Day: December 16,
Cheap Louis Vuitton, 201412/16/14 @ 7:53 am Gallery of the Day: December 15, 201412/15/14 @ 8:08 am 相关的主题文章:

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Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Handbags Nanny is used in Cajun as the word for godmother

Back when I was a young, starry-eyed girl graduating from college, I made a promise to myself that my first paycheck would go toward my very first pair of designer shoes. I had worked hard in school, landed a great job, had a bonus tacked on, and I was going to reward myself!

Post for shoe lovers ahead! / Photo from Keropok Man

Well, as it turned out my first paycheck went to cover my credit card bills that I had racked up gallivanting around Disney World finishing up my College Program with BM M. OK, that’s plenty rewarding enough. I wasn’t too hard on myself.

The 11th drink—margaritas in Mexico—of our EPCOT “Drink around the World”! Matching T-shirts FTW,Authentic Discount Louis Vuitton Handbags. / Personal photo

So I knew that the wedding would be the perfect excuse reason to buy some amazing designer shoes! I’m not spending much on shopping these days, so I figured I could splurge a bit on the perfect pair. But with so many brands now available to me, I got a little overwhelmed trying to narrow them all down!

I scoped out all kinds of brands, putting my price cap around $600. Yikes…that looks bad when I type that out. Let’s move on.

I knew I wanted heels, not white or satin, reasonable height (for me, that’s under four inches), peep toe or sandal-like, and some kind of embellishment.

I’m a tall girl, so I don’t like towering above everyone else—including Sphinx (we’re about the same height). Over the years, I’ve gotten used to posing with heels on so that I don’t look like an Amazon woman with him, but let’s not push our luck here.

An early inspiration photo / Image via Wedding Places

While I like the colored shoe trend, I just knew that I was too picky for it. I’d be too particular about finding the perfect color and that would limit me in choice of design and comfort. I had been scoping out Kate Spade, Badgely Mischka, and Manolo Blahnik to see if the perfect pair of purple shoes popped up—being unsuccessful, I hopped off the colored shoe bandwagon.

I did like the idea of gold, silver, or blush colored shoes.

I love the pretty bow on this one. / Image via Style Me Pretty by Stephen Pappas Photography

Kate Spade platform…probably a little too “satiny” for my tastes, but I liked the security of the ankle strap! / Image via Lyst

Kate Spade Clarice—love the glittered heel! I couldn’t see this anywhere in person, though. / Image via KateSpade.com

Jimmy Choo “Lace” pumps. So pretty! / Image via Maile Lani Photography

Well, the oh-so-tragic part of this story is that New Orleans has a severe lack of accessibility of high end designers. We have one Saks store. They have a small Kate Spade section, none to speak of for Badgley, and a decent selection from Jimmy Choo. And unfortunately, most of the bridal line* for Jimmy Choo isn’t sold in Saks. Insert weeping bride.

I took a trip with Momma Pyramid and Nanny to Saks one afternoon, and I did get to take some pairs for a walk. FYI, Nanny is used in Cajun as the word for godmother, so that’s what I’ll call her here. Nanny is a big fan of Choos,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bag, so we focused on those. I tried on some Manolos too, but for the price they weren’t doing it for me.

Can’t seem to find this d’orsay pair online anymore. The heel height was nice.

Shoe on the right is a JC slingback platform. / Image via Jimmy Choo

I did love the metallic pattern of the pumps, but I wasn’t sold on either of these styles. The d’orsay might become uncomfortable over hours, and the slingback was too casual for me. And with that I had exhausted my top shoe choices in the area.

Fortunately,Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags, I had a business trip to Houston in April, and I braved the Galleria on a Friday night to try on some of the lovely shoes that I had been eyeing up online. I learned a few things in that trip:

1. As much as I love Kate Spade everything, I wasn’t loving any of their shoes enough to choose them.

2. It turns out I have an oddly shaped foot and can’t wear a Badgley Mischka pair as shown above. The front part of my foot was just too wide for that front area, even going up like two sizes. Guess who feels like an ogre?

I also tried on Jimmy Choos in the boutique. The sales associate opened the bridal shoe drawer and angels sang! The Jimmy Choo Luna became a front runner, and it was not available at Saks.

Foot modeling Jimmy Choo Luna at Nordstrom. I’ll keep my day job. / Personal photo

Houston Learning # 3: The DSW and Marshalls right across the street from the Galleria have the BEST selection. I found this pair of Badgleys for $40 on clearance! Purple is a wedding color, so I figure I can wear these for a shower or the rehearsal dinner.

And no weird foot compatibility problems in this one!

So I was narrowing in on my search. But the final part of my shoe journey has a bit more adventure to it! I’ll share that next time!

Are you shoe obsessed too? Did you find shoe shopping to be way harder than it should have been?

*I am strongly of the opinion that there is not such thing as a “wedding shoe.” OK, they ARE shoes that you wear on your wedding, but I think the categorizing of it is unnecessary. But of course, the shoe I ultimately picked IS what they call a bridal shoe. Oops, marketing success. My point is if you’re having trouble finding a shoe you really like, spread your search out past the “bridal” tab.

Tags: new-orleansshoes BLOGGER Mrs. Pyramid Location: New Orleans, LA Occupation: Petroleum Engineer Wedding Date: May 2014 Venue: St. Francis of Assisi Church & N.O. Board of Trade –> PREVIOUS POSTWatercooler: October 26, 2013 NEXT POSTSuit Up! Related Posts New Year, Old Bee01/13/15 @ 5:26 am Bling Wedding Shoes!10/07/14 @ 6:42 am Monumental Love: Rise, But Hold the Shine11/24/14 @ 12:01 pm Monumental Love: You, You, You02/10/15 @ 11:14 am 相关的主题文章:

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Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags for Men and Women on Sale despite the fact that I had to order the stamps online and wait 5 days for them because apparently no one in Baltimore stocks Love stamps

I have a confession. I’ve had our invitations since October, and I haven’t shown them to you! And considering I love them SO much, it was a hard secret to keep. But I wanted them to be a surprise when everyone got them in the mail!

I could do an entire post filled with the hundreds of invitation suites we considered (read: disagreed on – let’s just say, Mr. Guinea Pig and I have completely different design aesthetics!)… but I will spare you all that and jump straight to the beautiful invitations we chose and both love!

(the Dogwood suite by Paisley Tree Press)

After browsing through said hundreds and hundreds of invitations, I had come to the conclusion that we had to have letterpress. Never mind the fact that we probably couldn’t afford it, and most people wouldn’t notice – I had fallen in love. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon a design that not only did I like, but Mr. Guinea Pig liked too, AND it was affordable! Jodi, the owner/letterpresser of Paisley Tree Press worked with me so we could get a 20% discount. Done!

And thus,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags for Men and Women on Sale, the Guinea Pigs got their dream invites. Two-color, letterpressed on super thick (and I mean thick!) paper – check it out in the lining photo below. Yum. Plus, Jodi was absolutely amazing to work with, and I highly recommend her – she happily suffered through my 50 emails requesting details,Louis Vuitton 2015 Bags, samples, customizations, proofs with different fonts, proofs with the design moved a fraction of a millimeter, everything!

(Our invitation & the RSVP card – you can sort of see the indentation from the letterpressing! Sigh….)

We wanted to keep our invitation suite as simple as possible, without too many “frou frou add-ons” (said Mr. Guinea Pig), so we stuck to just the invite, an RSVP card, and one other piece of cardstock that had a map on one side and our website for travel/hotel information on the other side.

(The whole set, laid out. You can see (around the blurred out parts) the fauxligraphy I did for the envelopes!)

(The total package mobile porn )

Now you can fully understand why I loved the envelope liners so much – check out how well they complement the invitation suite!

(The metallic flowers and our milf porn invite flowers! Here’s where you can see how thick the paper is – that’s just one invite!)

Mailing these was a bit of a challenge – the first post office told me they would be the regular $0.61 stamp. The second post office told me $1.39/envelope because they were too rigid and would have to be considered a package (what?!). Finally I went to the main post office in Baltimore and spoke with a senior postal worker who told me that in order to hand sort, I would just need to add $0.20 per envelope: the extra postage (in addition to the $0.61) is required for “rigid items” – otherwise they would go through the machine rollers, which probably would have bent/cracked/mangled the super thick paper.

In the end, the option that looked best aesthetically without paying a ridiculous amount of postage over what was required (he tried to convince me to use two 61 cent wedding cake stamps per invite!), were two 44 cent stamps — the Love stamps! I think they look great and are perfect together for a wedding invitation. And, despite the fact that I had to order the stamps online and wait 5 days for them because apparently no one in Baltimore stocks Love stamps, in the end everything turned out all right. I also discovered that when one post office tells you they can’t do something (ahem, like hand canceling), or that they will charge you $2.00 per envelope, just keep going to another one until you find someone who will let you do it yourself!

(Invitations: stuffed, addressed, stamped,Louis Vuitton Outlet, and ready to be hand canceled/mailed!)

I mailed these on a Wednesday, and people who lived in and around Baltimore got them in the mail on Thursday. We got our first RSVP card back on Friday—talk about a quick turnaround! So far, my favorite RSVP has to be this one from my good friends in Baltimore. Of course it’s my married friend who completely understands not only to make the RSVP something fun to get back, but she got it back to us in record time!

(can you tell they’re excited to come?!)

What’s your favorite part about your invitations??Did you have any trouble deciding on a design with your fiance/e??Do you secretly hope someone frames your invitations too??;)

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Louis Vuitton OutletTags

katseye is selling a set of shabby chic French scroll chandeliers,Louis Vuitton Outlet. She is asking $14.95 each for the chandeliers.

Have a wedding item for sale? Post it with pictures in the Weddingbee Classifieds, and you might see it featured on the blog!

Other great items for sale:

20 x 14 inch mirror centerpieces, asking $120

Steven Khalil lace trumpet dress, size 2, asking $4,400

Rhinestone and pearl headband, asking $78

Homemade vintage wedding dress from 1969, size 0, asking $200

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Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags for Men and Women on Sale just because

We went to the Homestead this weekend for our final planning trip before the wedding! This time, we brought our officiant… just because (more on that later). Ostensibly, we were there to go over some final details of the timeline, menu choices, and logistics with our coordinator (ugh, there was a problem with the cake… again, more on that later). And we met our new, local, start-up florist (hmm, more on that, too)!!!

I also had a makeup and hair trial. Here were my inspirations:


Eva Longoria’,Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags for Men and Women on Sale;s loosely pinned up hair with some wispy pieces,Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags & Louis Vuitton 2015 Bags.


Here, Rachel Weisz wears it as a faux bob. Perfect for a vintage-y wedding. However, there’s a fine line between wispy and prom ringlets, so I wasn’t sure if the hairdresser could pull it off. I also had the vague notion of having it pinned to the side so I can let it down in to a side pony tail for the reception. Like this:


So here’s how it went down….

(Top left) Everyday face and undone hair; (top right): The hairdresser curled my hair with a 1 inch curling iron, spiraling around the iron to create the loose waves, teased the top a little, then pinned it to the side very loosely (bottom left); she also did my makeup and made me look really tan (why?) and put on a frosty pink lipstick (I was surprised to like it); I also took down the pins to see what the side pony would look like (bottom right).

Overall she did an okay job—but not $280 worth of okay. I don’t want to have to pay that again if I can do it myself. So I’m strongly considering DIYing (at least the makeup; the hair, with some adjustments will work—what do you think?).

I like the cartoon porn idea of the rosy cheek and frosty pink lips a la Miss Portman’s goddess look:


So I tried it out this morning before work. I definitely think I need to go darker on the eyes,Cheap Louis Vuitton best bags – Louis Vuitton for sale, but I didn’t want to scare anyone in the office:

What do you think? Should I DIY my own makeup or just leave it to the pro? I’m going to do a DIY hair trial too (keep you posted).

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Louis Vuitton Handbags & Cheap Louis Vuitton bags for sale of course

I realized I haven’t black porn written a post about my engagement ring, nor the proposal behind it.  This could possibly be because my own proposal was definitely not one with any earth-shattering romance in it.  In fact, I kind of feel like the black sheep of the hive because I have no gut-wrenching, heartstring-pulling proposal story, and sometimes when I read them I feel a tinge of jealousy.  Sometimes.  But then I realize that I probably wouldn’t even know how to act if Mr. Biscuit ever made an incredibly grand romantic gesture.

So here’s our unromantic, completely practical,Louis Vuitton Handbags & Cheap Louis Vuitton bags for sale, no-surprise proposal story. I hope it will serve as a juxtaposition to all of the other wonderfully romantic proposals of the hive.

Some people thought Mr. Biscuit and I got engaged a little quickly, after a little over a year of dating. Looking from the outside in, I’d have to agree. However, I had been thinking about the marriage option with Mr. Biscuit since the four-month dating mark. I know that this isn’t right for everyone, but we hit some major relationship milestones early on. We went through some issues near the beginning of our relationship that we chose to work through, rather than just throwing in the proverbial towel. Sound a bit like what can happen in a marriage? I think so.

We also braved multiple 10-hour drives together without killing each other on the way to/from vacations. Actually, these drives were rather enjoyable. So, yeah, that taking a trip together thing? Check.

Personal photo

We dealt with being apart for a few weeks while I traipsed around Europe with some friends.

Personal photo

We started a “family.”

Personal photo

Basically, Mr. Biscuit and I started escalating our relationship much more quickly than a lot of other couples our age. We also spent a LOT of time together. In fact, last February we were snowed in for three days together when West Virginia got hit with about two feet of snow. No satellite TV, no getting out of the house for any reason, no outside contact with the world. Some couples may have been clawing each other’s eyes out; however, we played multiple games of Monopoly and had an all around enjoyable time, as long as I won. When I don’t win things, I turn into a demon child, have a tantrum, and storm off. It’s a trait I’m working to correct—I promise.

That’s about the time when I was sure that Mr. Biscuit and I could work as a married couple. We could deal with being hermits in the same house together without anyone trying to stab anyone/anything much. Awesome.

This is not how we acted. Swear.

Mr. Biscuit and I had both expressed an interest in spending the rest of our lives together, but he wanted to wait until he got his bonus in March so that he could afford to buy me a ring. Sweet, right? Well, I couldn’t just leave it at that. I began obsessively looking online for rings, and I truly do mean obsessively. Anyone who knows me knows the talent I have for ridiculously thorough internet research. And research rings I did. I knew I didn’t want a solitaire; it just wasn’t my style. I was pretty sure I wanted a vintage estate ring because I’m 100% an old soul.

After a few weeks of searching, Mr. Biscuit got a really cool envelope in the mail. What could it be? Why, his bonus, of course! Then he said those infamous awkward words: “So, you know those things you’ve been looking at on the internet a lot? You should probably let me know which one you want.”

Squeal!!! I was so ridiculously elated. I immediately showed him site after site of pretty rings, many of them too expensive for our budget. Mr. Biscuit’s face kind of fell because I knew he wanted to get me something nice, but was afraid he wouldn’t be able to afford what I wanted. Finally, I turned off the giddy and realized we had a problem. I told him that we should check out a jewelry store just to see what different sizes looked like on my hand. The machine that is the wedding industry made us feel like anything under one carat would be absolutely inadequate and that one would need surgical loupes to be able to see the center stone.

So we went to our local mall and took a quick swing by J.B. Robinson Jewelers.

Side note–>we have both a J.B. Robinson and a Kay Jewelers in our tiny mall. They’re about 50 steps away from one another, and I’m pretty sure they’re the exact same store—they are owned by the same company. I really don’t understand why they have two store spaces. To give the illusion of choice? I digress.

Aaaand we’re back at the jewelry store. I tried a few vintage-looking diamonds on (I later learned that these were called halo rings),Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags for Men and Women on Sale, but I wasn’t wowed by any of them. I really wanted a ring that lay flat so I could put my gloves on over it, but they just weren’t doing it for me. I tried on some larger rings and quickly realized that any halo with a center stone larger than .25 carats looked kind of silly on me (and Mr. Biscuit let out a huge sigh of relief!). Then I tried it on. THE ring. A brilliant-cut diamond surrounded by round and baguette diamonds. The way it sparkled under that jewelry-store light was absolutely ridiculous. It was so beautiful! We were still holding out for a lovely vintage ring, though, so we decided to go home and look for a similar ring at a different store or estate sale.


For the next few days I devoted every spare moment to attempting to find a similar ring in our price range. This proved to be an impossibility. Finally, I had annoyed Mr. Biscuit enough that he said, “OK, seriously,Louis Vuitton Bags,Louis Vuitton Outlet, stop it. I bought the ring for you on Friday. It will be here in a week.”

Since this is getting super long, I shall leave you hanging on the rest of the proposal story. Stay tuned for The Ring: Part II, AKA That Time I Got Really Obsessed and Unable to Keep a Secret!

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